Classical Guitars, Strings and Accessories

The Anglo Spanish Guitar Company Ltd is the UK's major specialist wholesaler of fine quality classical, flamenco and acoustic instruments, strings and accessories.

We are the sole United Kingdom and Eire Distributor for:

  • Jose Ramirez classical, electro-classical & flamenco guitars, strings and accessories
  • Raimundo classical, electro-classical and flamenco guitars
  • Conde Hermanos flamenco & classical guitars & strings
  • Asturias classical guitars
  • Almansa classical, electro-classical & flamenco guitars
  • Dieter Hopf classical guitars
  • Strunal classical, electro-classical & acoustic guitars
  • Baton Rouge acoustic guitars & ukeleles
  • Hannabach guitar strings
  • Aranjuez guitar strings

As a specialist company we always endeavour to give our customers the highest standards of service and benefit of our long-established knowledge in this field.

Spanish Guitars